Today I am happy to announce the release of Bluesky version 1.3 and with it a major update to how projects are handled within Bluesky.

All New Project Interface

Projects have always been at the core of Bluesky but they were never anything more that containers for tasks and team members. With this latest release projects have been moved front and centre and have become a lot more valuable to managing your time, team and money.

You can now get a complete overview of exactly what’s going on within your projects from the single project summary screen. From here you will be able to see exactly how much time has been spent on the project broken down by task and by team member. More importantly you can instantly get a financial summary of the project and see what’s been paid and what’s still owed.

Project Summary


Project Budgets

To make it even easier for you to track your project time we have added a brand new feature called Project Budgets. By adding a budget to your project you can easily see how much time you should still be spending on it or if you have spent too much time on a given project. Currently budgets can be set against total project hours and total project fees allowing you to make sure your projects stay within either a time or financial budget.

Project Budget Settings


Project Budget


General Interface Improvements

On top of the complete upgrade to projects, there has also been a general polishing of the application as a whole. Every screen was touched up making a more unified user experience.