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Version 1.4.8 – Recurring Invoices

We are extremely excited to be announcing the availability of recurring invoices in Bluesky. You can now create a new invoice and have it automatically sent to your client at a set interval allowing you to automate your invoicing process.

Invoices can be configured to be automatically sent direct to your client or created as draft for you to review first. They can be sent on a weekly, monthly and yearly frequency and can be set to expire after a given number of times being sent or continue until manually stopped.

Recurring Invoice Setup

Version 1.4.7

Version 1.4.7 bring a small change to Bluesky Timesheets. We have updated the way tasks are filtered to make it easy to find the task you need when dealing with many projects and tasks.

Version 1.4.6 – Email Templates and Auto Responders

We have added 2 great new features to to further enhance Bluesky invoicing with email templates and auto responders.

You can now setup default emails to be sent our when invoicing your client, whats more you can use Bluesky email template tags to include dynamic content in your email messages.

Email Templates

Using auto responders takes Bluesky automation one step further. You can now set Bluesky to automatically email your clients about overdue payments at set intervals. For each delivery interval you can individually configure the message you want to send giving you the ultimate power in chasing payment without lifting a finger.


Version 1.4.5 – Invoice Customised Taxes, Discounts and Shipping Costs

Bluesky invoicing just became so much more powerful with the introduction of customisable taxes, discounts and shipping costs. You can now add as many custom taxes, discounts and shipping costs to your invoices. You can configure Bluesky to automatically add items which you use on a regular basis, such as sales tax costs.

Invoice Tax, Discount, Shipping

Version 1.4.4

Invoice Attachments

With the release of Bluesky version 1.4.4 we are delighted to announce the addition of attachments in invoices. Being able to add an attachment to an invoice has been a highly requested feature and we are so happy to announce that its now available.

Invoice Attachments

Version 1.4.2

The latest release of Bluesky version 1.4.2 bring a welcome update to the projects dashboard. You can now get an instant overview of all your projects, showing time and costs spent along with any budgets used and remaining making it easier than every to see exactly whats going on across all your projects.

Project Dashboard

Version 1.3

Today I am happy to announce the release of Bluesky version 1.3 and with it a major update to how projects are handled within Bluesky.

All New Project Interface

Projects have always been at the core of Bluesky but they were never anything more that containers for tasks and team members. With this latest release projects have been moved front and centre and have become a lot more valuable to managing your time, team and money.

You can now get a complete overview of exactly what’s going on within your projects from the single project summary screen. From here you will be able to see exactly how much time has been spent on the project broken down by task and by team member. More importantly you can instantly get a financial summary of the project and see what’s been paid and what’s still owed.

Project Summary


Project Budgets

To make it even easier for you to track your project time we have added a brand new feature called Project Budgets. By adding a budget to your project you can easily see how much time you should still be spending on it or if you have spent too much time on a given project. Currently budgets can be set against total project hours and total project fees allowing you to make sure your projects stay within either a time or financial budget.

Project Budget Settings


Project Budget


General Interface Improvements

On top of the complete upgrade to projects, there has also been a general polishing of the application as a whole. Every screen was touched up making a more unified user experience.

Version 1.2

Subscription Plans

In this latest release we added paid monthly and annual plans to Bluesky. For the past 3 years Bluesky has been completely free to use for everyone. As much as we would like to continue to offer Bluesky for free unfortunately it’s just not economically possible anymore, so we have had to take the difficult step of deciding to make Bluesky a paid service.

We are offering 4 price plans with varying levels of functionality and storage and the paid plans are available on a monthly or yearly basis.

Because we don’t want to exclude anyone from using Bluesky we are still offering a completely free account which anyone can sign up and use which will allow them to manage one active client and project as well as track their time and send unlimited invoices.

View the new price plans here.

Version 1.1.5

Today we are pleased to release Bluesky version 1.1.5 with the following enhancements.

Updated Daily Timesheet Page

The daily timesheet entry page has been updated to give a cleaner and easier to use interface with a more uniform look.  Total hours logged for the day is shown now allowing you to easily see exactly how much time has been logged across all the tasks for the day.


Added Splash Screen

A splash screen has been added to help new sign ups navigate Bluesky for the first time.


Project Creation Update

Its not possible to add a new client from the create new project page.

Version 1.1.4

Today we are happy to announce the release of version 1.1.4 of Bluesky which contains the following enhancements.


Bluesky has always been a great tool for keeping track of your time and money and today we make that task even easier with the introduction of charts. We have built a set of useful charts to show you exactly where your time is being spent, per month and by project. For your invoices we have introduced a chart showing you all your paid and outstanding invoices over the current and previous years so you can see at a glance your financial overview.


New Overdue Invoice Report

We have added a new report showing you all your overdue invoices in one place. It’s now even easier to keep track of who owes you money.


New Help & Support

We have implemented a new help and support system today powered by Freshdesk. This will enable a more streamlined support experience and it will provide us with a unified place for items such as FAQ and help guides.


New Login Page

We have updated the clients login page with a much cleaner interface – hope you like it!

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