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Version 1.1.5

Today we are pleased to release Bluesky version 1.1.5 with the following enhancements.

Updated Daily Timesheet Page

The daily timesheet entry page has been updated to give a cleaner and easier to use interface with a more uniform look.  Total hours logged for the day is shown now allowing you to easily see exactly how much time has been logged across all the tasks for the day.


Added Splash Screen

A splash screen has been added to help new sign ups navigate Bluesky for the first time.


Project Creation Update

Its not possible to add a new client from the create new project page.

Version 1.1.4

Today we are happy to announce the release of version 1.1.4 of Bluesky which contains the following enhancements.


Bluesky has always been a great tool for keeping track of your time and money and today we make that task even easier with the introduction of charts. We have built a set of useful charts to show you exactly where your time is being spent, per month and by project. For your invoices we have introduced a chart showing you all your paid and outstanding invoices over the current and previous years so you can see at a glance your financial overview.


New Overdue Invoice Report

We have added a new report showing you all your overdue invoices in one place. It’s now even easier to keep track of who owes you money.


New Help & Support

We have implemented a new help and support system today powered by Freshdesk. This will enable a more streamlined support experience and it will provide us with a unified place for items such as FAQ and help guides.


New Login Page

We have updated the clients login page with a much cleaner interface – hope you like it!


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